Here's where you will find tips, tricks and hacks to help you profit from refer-a-friend style giveaways, sweepstakes, and product launches...

The Leap Year | PerkZilla Update
Hey, it is time for our Leap Year Update !!! We are happy to announce that we are making significant improvements[...]

December 2019 | The Last QTR PerkZilla Update
Updates for Fourth Quarter 2019... This newest set of updates offer plenty of new and exciting announcements... Refer A Friend Widget[...]
PerkZilla Updates | The Growth Phase
Next stop the Expansion Phase...  This update includes lot of fixes, improvements and clean-ups that are mainly focused around Live[...]
Announcing A Monster Update!
Our dedicated customer happiness team has been fielding a lot of questions for the new updates on PerkZilla V2 -[...]
NEW Major Updates Rolled Out! (PerkZilla V2 Beta)
We are pleased to update everyone on how incredible Perkzilla Version2 (PKZV2) is doing!First off, we want to say that[...]
Refer A Friend ~ Using PerkZilla For Success
There are some solid research and case studies available that show people are more likely to buy something when they[...]
How To Work A Perkzilla Giveaway
The PerkZilla platform has been developed to help spread the word about your brand, grow your subscriber base and create[...]
How To Build A Contest Wizard-Walk Through
After the tests, tweaks, and adjustments, saying that we're excited to show you how to run a contest on Perkzilla's[...]
Update PKZ 2019: A Year In The Making!
PerkZilla has leveled up in a big way! If you have been (or want in on) getting more free traffic,[...]
Creating An Irresistible Bribe
Why Would I Want To Bribe Someone? Well, if you want to stand out in your market and get those sign[...]
Three Powerful Tips To Use Giveaways To Jumpstart Your List
Do you remember when you were a kid and the best thing in the world was getting a gift?Most adults[...]
Who Wants To Know How To Make Content Go Viral?
This Post Is About Viral Traffic (and these two things viral content relies on)

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