PerkZilla Update

Hey, it is time for our Leap Year Update !!! 

We are happy to announce that we are making significant improvements to the PerkZilla user experience. Some of our continual improvements aren’t just nice-to-use—these upgrades are really adding to the in-product experience and usability of PerkZilla!

Leap Year is pretty special - Leap Day, February 29, is added to the calendar during leap years. This extra day makes the year 366 days long – not 365 days.

So, in celebration of 2020's extra long year we have an extra special update for you all!

Here's James Cantoni to tell you more about it...

Yup, our product team is hard at work building, testing, and getting to any bug fixes and tweaking new features.This update improves on our Live Editor and significantly adds to overall usability, and fixes a number of small issues.

These updates do more than improve performance and add new features. We are improving PerkZilla and understand that keeping this platform up-to-date and bug free is an ongoing process.

We understand that our users invest in our product and expect us to gather and incorporate their feedback and concerns into the best product available. So, please feel free to help us out and add input on the feature request page at

And with that said... We have an awesome update for you!!!

Here is the list of the updates out for Feburary >>

Live Editor

  • Added Preview OptionsAdded WYSIWYG for Heading & Subheadings
  • Added Prize Image Capabilities
  • Added Prize Description Capabilities
  • Added Always Open Option
  • Improved Templates UX
  • Fixed Font Size and toolbar options changing Widget Paddings
  • Subtitle Line Height Fixed

We all know that word-of-mouth is one of the most effective forms of marketing.

And the reason is obvious: people trust their friends more than they trust a company they’ve never heard of.

But just because word-of-mouth can happen organically, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to nudge it along in the right direction.

PerkZilla's Live Editor makes pushing people in the right direction easier than ever...

Where to find PerkZilla's Live Editor
perkZilla's updated Live Editor

Duplicate Campaign

  • Instant Copy Feature Added 
  • Duplicate Widget Improved + Fixed
  • Duplicate Form Improved + Fixed

Profile Details

  • Added Plans
  • Added Date Last Logged In
  • Added IP Last Logged In (Security)

Browser Compatibility

  • ​Improved All Breakpoints for Mozilla, Edge, Opera, Chrome and Safari
  • Improved Action Builder, Fraud Center, Analytics Area, Automation Center and Additional Settings for Mozilla, Edge, Opera, Chrome and Safari
  • Fixed Social Share Issues in Mozilla
  • Fixed Blank Page issues in Mozilla
  • Footer Timer Fixes for Browsers as well as Smaller Screens/Mobile
  • Misc Browser Compatibility and CSS for all aspects in Live Editor

Widget & Sharing

  • Improved Social Share Functionalities on Welcome Screen
    Updated Prizes/Rewards to be compatible with two lines
  • Significantly Improved Breakpoints and CSS based on placement (S,M,L,XL and Mobile options)
  • Traffic Points System Fixes & Improvements
  • Updated Login/Logout for “Not You” in widgets
  • User can now share multiple times, with points only being added once
  • Removed Scrollbar (Kept Functionality)
  • Get More Entries Line Break Fixed
  • Updated Alignment for High Point Values on Separate Lines
    IP, Date and Campaign ID required for Completed Actions
  • Updated Social Share for Traffic Campaigns
  • Updated Hoverbar Issue for Reward Container
  • Updated Total Entries UI


  • Updated total shares to reflect shares, not points
  • Improved Social Share Sorting
  • Improved Waitlist and Rank Options and Sorting
  • Updated for longer email addresses that wrapped to two lines on specific breakpoints
Perkzilla analytics


  • Each Step Saves Progress
  • Updated Delivery Instructions for Traffic Campaigns
  • Fixed issues on “Hosting” Screen

Additional Settings

  • Added Reset
  • Updated Testing
  • Minor UX Improvements
Opt In Link
  • Updated to Work in Browser Fields
  • First Name, Last Name and Email are based on form settings
  • Updated URL Destination
  • Improved to Work on URL Click vs Call


  • Updated and Improved SendLane Integration
  • Updated and Improved Klavyio Integration
  • Updated and Improved Ontraport Integration
  • Autoresponders recently linked are now showing for existing campaigns
  • Shortcode [Main_Prize] updated for welcome email in Contest & Giveaway
  • Shortcode [End_Date] updated for welcome email in Contest & Giveaway
  • Shortcode [reward_1] updated for welcome screen & welcome email in Social Buzz
  • Shortcode [tier_1] updated for welcome email in Social Buzz
  • Shortcode [reward_next] updated for welcome screen & welcome email in Social Buzz
  • Shortcode [tier_next] updated for welcome email in Contest & Giveaway
  • Fixed Not You Interface on Larger Widget Sizes for Specific Browsers
  • Updated WebKit Appearance for Mobile Buttons on iOS
  • Updated Points in Social Buzz Email + Messages
  • Fixed issue with name disappearing on login in Form & Widget
  • Added Whitelabel Branding Toggle and Popup
  • Added Viral Marketing Vault Membership Access and Popup
  • Improved overall responsiveness and compatibility
  • More to come for UX simplifications

One of the things you may have noticed about PerkZilla is that it integrates with a lot of other popular platforms... And we keep our integrations updated. So, besides the updated and improved SendLane, Klavyio,and Ontraport Integrations we have many more integrations partners you can choose from - Click Here To Learn More

Perkzilla integrations

Thanks for reading about our Late February (and some March) Updates, we also want to again thank our founders and beta users who have been helping us get to this point!

If you have not joined the Official PerkZilla Community - Spread Ideas, Case Studies, Advanced Use Cases and More! Click Here To Join!

Stay tuned for more incredible upgrades next release!

"​We are really excited about where we are heading and thanks for being with us on this journey!"

 James Cantoni

May this Leap Year see you use Perkzilla to...

Create social awareness with unlimited contests, refer-a-friends, early access and giveaways campaigns.

Boost sales by offering coupons, trials or other incentives to prospects who share or follow your website/business.

Get more traffic to landing pages or your blog by awarding 'points per action' that your audience takes to gain rewards.

We're also looking to showcase case studies on our blog, sales page etc to share with our audience of at PromoteLabs Inc. So if you've reduced your ad spend and/or grown your traffic and email list as a direct result of using PerkZilla let's talk

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