Welcome to the first updates of 2020!!! 

Ringing in the New Year is cause for celebration, and for looking back...for most people. But we are just going to celebrate all the advances we've made and keep going forward! 

We are not going to let the dust gather around us here at Perkzilla and just like CS Lewis said “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ​WE are getting our goals and new dreams in order.

And if YOU are dreaming up some new goals for us... There is still time, please feel free to add input on the feature request webpage at https://perkzilla.com/feature-request/ 

And with that said...Happy New Year Everyone!!! We have an awesome update for you and an EXTRA SPECIAL bonus for UNLIMITED users!

Here's a video from James Cantoni to tell you more about it...

Yes! You heard right! A NEW YEARS BONUS: One-Click Themes for UNLIMITED Tier Users

Here is the list of the first set of enhancements and updates out for 2020 >>

January Updates Include:

  • “Traffic” campaign is introduced
  • “Social Buzz” campaign is introduced
  • Updated Walkthrough Sequence for Early Access Campaign
  • Improved Users Ahead, Spot in Line and Total Users for Early Access Campaigns
  • Live Editor Improvements & Fixes for “How It Works” Section
  • Refer A Friend bug fixes for “Share to Unlock’ and ‘Earned’.
  • Improved & Fixed Refer A Friend Rewards and Actions Sections
  • OptIn URL structures updated to support PHP 7.3
  • Existing users may update with new API Key
  • Significantly Improved Structure and Responsiveness for Widgets
  • Points Triggers added in Automation Center Under Rewards
  • Welcome screen in Live Editor for both Contest and Giveaway is updated for instant sharing!
  • Color Options updated for Refer a Friend Campaign
  • Improved CSS for breakpoints for both HTML and WordPress widgets.
  • Improvements to Action Builder
  • Infrastructure Upgrades & Improvements
  • Updated Menu Items and Statuses
  • Misc Fixes + Cleanup

Thanks for reading about our newest changes, we also want to again thank our founders and beta users who have been of a great help in guiding us to this great release!

"May you have a prosperous and successful New Year. Thanks for sharing this year as part of the Perkzilla family"

 James Cantoni

May the new year see you use Perkzilla to...

Create social awareness with unlimited contests, refer-a-friends, early access and giveaways campaigns.

Boost sales by offering coupons, trials or other incentives to prospects who share or follow your website/business.

Get more traffic to landing pages or your blog by awarding 'points per action' that your audience takes to gain rewards.

We're also looking to showcase case studies on our blog, sales page etc to share with our audience of at PromoteLabs Inc. So if you've reduced your ad spend and/or grown your traffic and email list as a direct result of using PerkZilla let's talk

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