How To Work A Perkzilla Giveaway

The PerkZilla platform has been developed to help spread the word about your brand, grow your subscriber base and create a competitively driven environment where your existing customers become your top advocates. In this post, we will highlight how to do just that using Perkzilla's Giveaway feature - simply and easily - in just a few steps.

Giveaways have been used by marketers for decades to create awareness for their products and services. That is mainly because giveaways are a surefire way of getting word of mouth from your existing users and gaining some new customers.

In the long run, giveaways create subscribers and there are few things more valuable than 'the list'. You can use the wizard to run a viral giveaway with multiple winners or use the option to give a prize to all entrants. Who wouldn't want to spread the word about that!!?

Here are just a few steps for running a successful online giveaway. We will go over them more extensively below, but here is the short list.

  • Decide on the NAME and a "hook" to THEME your giveaway. Pick a catchy name and a short phrase or tagline designed to entice a customer to sign-up.
  • Choose WHERE online you want your giveaway to be, which platforms like Facebook, Instagram or choose a landing page - if you plan to send people from an email list or ad campaign.
  • Choose a THE PRIZE that is specific to your niche. This is the fun part!
  • Decide on the RULES for how to win (That is very easy with Perkzilla because you just click a few radio buttons)
  • Choose a when you want the giveaway to end. A DEADLINE about ten to fourteen days is considered optimal.
  • Then PROMOTE your giveaway on social media or through other means like joint ventures or paid Ads.

Your first step is to decide on the name of your giveaway and to come up with a catchy hook. Now, if you are doing a giveaway around a popular holiday all of this will be easy. Seasonally timed giveaways are a great way to tie in a promotional theme, as well as attract new users. Giveaways during New Years, Christmas or Valentine's Day are popular and many people expect giveaways during these times of the year.

But what if you want to run a giveaway without a holiday spin? 

If you are not doing a holiday giveaway then you need to step into the mind of your potential consumer and try to understand your market before you create your giveaway. Then name the giveaway something that will flair their interest. 

Do your research and learn what your competitors are using to entice consumers to sign-up and learn what consumers are saying about those giveaways. Then with this information in hand, identify the gaps and opportunities that you see and develop a giveaway that fills those gaps and leverage those opportunities in totally unique ways.

Like any other type of event, planning is essential. You don’t want all the hard work you put into your giveaway to fail. A well defined plan can help guarantee giveaway success. Using Perkzilla to create your giveaway is half your would-be planning problems solved. 

Perkzilla's wizard makes it super easy to create unique giveaways and will help you create giveaways that leverages those opportunities to grow your audience - in only minutes - using proven strategies to get you on your way. 

Now, once you have researched and chosen your giveaway name, it's easy to use the Perkzilla wizard to ADD A THE NAME... 

Running a giveaway on social media can be a fun way to build followers.You may have been running giveaways contests yourself through Facebook with a post, photo, or on a page but now that you can use a great giveaway tool like Perkzilla, it takes a lot of the hard work out of the process.

AND now using a Perkzilla allows you to easily design a giveaway that’s optimized for conversion and lead generation...Creating goal-oriented campaigns that increase brand awareness virally and help grow your audience.

Now in order to choose WHERE online you want your contest to be, such as a landing page or if you are going to send people to a page within a website, you will need to know your audience. No matter what changes on social media platforms, one thing will always remain the same...If you want to achieve your end goal of growing a list and making people aware of your brand then you must know to whom you are offering your products and services.

Because of this you may want to try out Perkzilla's Refer-a-Friend capabilities to create referral links to track referrals and shares for each user and deliver rewards automatically from your existing email list.

Or incentivize users by offering coupons, trials or other offerings to users who already share or follow your brand.

We all know that word of mouth and friend authority are both key factors that build trust in a brand – and these days, both of those are invaluable tools and a reason to run a giveaway. So, you can create your campaign in just a few clicks with the Perkzilla Wizard guiding you through creating a campaign to incentivize users for recommending your brand within their networks!

If you do not have a mailing list or you are just new to marketing and you plan to use paid advertising to start your list, then choosing to use Perkzilla's option to send traffic to a landing page would probably be the best bet for you. 

Choose WHERE online you want your contest to be, such as a landing page or if you are going to send people to a page within a website, etc.

Then you ADD WEBSITE NAME and WEBSITE ADDRESS - Choose if you want your giveaway to be a landing page or not. (then hit continue) 

Perkzilla even let's you use your own Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure web pages.

The main purpose of a giveaway campaign is one (or more) of three objectives: create awareness of your brand; to generate traffic to your website; and/or to gather leads. The prize is what starts motivates people to participate towards those goals.

Choose a THE PRIZE that is specific to your niche that will excite your target audience.  

Almost everyone loves getting singled out from a group to be given something free. It must be the feeling of being a real winner, the lucky one, or just that it is a gift that others did not get.

Did you know that American businesses spend billions dollars a year on product giveaways?

When it comes to picking the prizes remember that is it not just the value of the prize. More often than not, it is far more appealing to give out a "talking item" than something hugely expensive.

A pair of super funny socks, a witty t-shirt or a subscription to your popular service or membership site are often better ideas than a very pricey item that may not resonate with your niche.

You may also want to consider offering experiences or discounts. Several well-reported studies show that millennials are prioritizing experiences over stuff. And a free year of a membership or group fit both as an experience and very cost effective.

You can use Perkzilla to set-up what to giveaway... It’s important to remember that the goal is to draw people to your brand who may actually purchase your products or services, so you want to lure in people who are interested in what you are selling. Consider making your membership the prize. 

A good example would be a percent off your new product line - 10% off any new product purchase (sales make great contests, too!) for one referral is a good giveaway or a free pro upgrade to a membership for 5 referrals.

Choose what to giveaway per referral:

Choosing your prize will mean thinking about your delivery method. Using Perkzilla allows you to CHOOSE YOUR DELIVERY METHOD.

This let's your personalize how you want to deliver the prize from a coupon code, a delivery URL or a custom option of your choosing.

Promoting a discount or coupon code using Perkzilla's automatic delivery emails can be a solution to the time and overhead of delivering a physical giveaway prize. Plus, discounts and percent off coupons give participants a reason to buy your products and services. In other words: WIN-WIN

You will next get to CHOOSE YOUR DELIVERY METHOD. This let's your personalize how you want to deliver the prize from a coupon code, a delivery URL or a custom option of your choosing!

Decide on the RULES for how to win (That is very easy with Perkzilla because you just click a few radio buttons) When we mean rules, we are talking about how to choose the winner to award your prizes, this is simple using Perkzilla. There is a good article on "Contests & Sweepstakes - Staying Legal With PerkZilla" that we suggest reading that highlights the other type of giveaway rules.

Get more traffic to a landing page or post by awarding points per action that your audience takes.

CHOOSE YOUR WINNERS based on point or randomly - Let's click based on points...

Your PerkZilla wizard will  let you customize how you want to award entries to your users based on points.

You can PICK Per View, Per Social Share, Per Referral AND then CHOOSE HOW TO SELECT YOUR WINNERS using the winner selection area. This great option allows you to pick winners from the top
percentage of your entrants.

Perkzilla also makes it easy to use your own domains for the viral share/referral links your visitors will use to invite their friends.

You can also decide to run a viral giveaway with multiple winners picked and the option to give a prize to all entrants. (This is nice for giving out the WIN-WIN coupons!)

PICK Per View, Per Social Share, Per Referral AND then CHOOSE HOW TO SELECT YOUR WINNERS using the winner selection area:

You can run your giveaway for as long as you want but we suggest about 10-14 days to one month. It gives you enough time to really get the word out and create buzz and it is not too long to make your target demographic forget about the original excitement. Rapidly build 'buzz' via word of mouth about your products, services and your brand, making it easy to exponentially increase sales, gain rapid market adoption and dominate with your email marketing.

For example running a giveaway at the end of January with a fitness prize is a tactic for success. Most individuals haven’t yet given up on their New Year’s resolutions, and a prize with a healthy spin is a great way to tap into what people are already into.

Using Perkzilla allows you to set-up your giveaway campaign for the month of January (or a few days of January) and automatically end it. The built in automation center tool allows you to easily create triggers for each campaign based on user activity.

PerkZilla can nudge users who are close to earning rewards, notify all users that there are just a few hours left in the contest and even select winners and deliver prizes for you.

It’s extremely powerful and constantly updated with new triggers and options.

PICK THE DATE YOU WANT THE GIVEAWAY TO END -  Using the straightforward calendar makes this part super easy. Then it's on to how you want the wizard to help you set-up your form (Hit Continue)

You can choose what your placeholders will say, what labels you want to show, if you want a consent box and what your consent box will say.

Click on any field to customize the text - and if consent is picked, consent information can be edited later. Choose from a simple signup form, interactive widget or hosted landing page fully loaded with the power of PerkZilla.

Next PICK YOUR FORM OPTIONS, using the Feature Tool Box. 

There are hundreds of millions of active users, on Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Now a days, brands are trying to create strategies to attract followers and boost their brand awareness. As we mentioned above, understanding your target demographics and who your audience is, should help you to figure out what platform they spend most of their time on. But with that said, your giveaway could start on Facebook – but it doesn’t have to only be on one. Using Perkzilla makes creating campaigns so simple that it is easy to create multiple campaigns on multiple social networks.

Take advantage of all the viral potential of giveaways by including the campaign hashtag in your posts, display high res pictures of the prize you’re offering, and include a quick link to the contest page.

It is very simple to create a landing page or page within your website to send your traffic. You can simply copy a code snippet that you get from your PerkZilla dashboard and paste it where you want your form and viral share interface to be displayed on your site. PerkZilla can be integrated into almost every website, as long as you can add a snippet of code.

So for example, if you have an opt-in box in your sidebar, you could paste the PerkZilla code right where you want it in just a few minutes, adding a viral layer on top of your site.

PerkZilla works with ANY page that supports HTML form code including...Blogger, OptimizePress, ClickFunnels, ProfitBuilder, InfusionSoft, Shopify, InstaBuilder, ThriveLeads, LeadPages, WordPress and more.

PICK WHICH SOCIAL NETWORKS you want users to be able to one-click share...

Hosting a giveaway is a great way to bring awareness to your business.The PerkZilla platform has been developed to help spread the word about your upcoming launches, grow your email lists and create a competitively driven environment where your most loyal customers become your top advocates. Just follow these six simple steps and you will get your niche buzzing about your giveaway in no time at all!

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