PKZ Update

Updates for Fourth Quarter 2019... 

This newest set of updates offer plenty of new and exciting announcements... Refer A Friend Widget is live, we have action builder updates...Live Editor updates... Social sharing and much much more.

But really it’s all about YOU and how grateful we are that you have been here to support us as we get this software perfect for YOU! Because as part of our PKZ tribe you're part of a VIP group that is helping to make this the #1 referral marketing platform online!

We appreciate all your input as we work hard to get everything working seamlessly; including the everyday items that come along with all software applications.

These might include repairing security holes that have been discovered and fixing or removing computer bugs; along with adding the features that we have planned to input on our original road-map.

Our updates will inform you that we added new features to PerkZilla and address issues when they occur, address minor bugs discovered in the software, improve the operation of hardware or peripherals. These small, incremental fixes improve the operation of your software and sometimes can postpone what new enhancement we wanted to have completed by certain dates. So again thanks for your patience and without more hubbub here is James with an in-depth video to tell you more about all the new items and how you can use them. 

Here's a video from James Cantoni - co-founder and monster genius behind PerkZilla to tell you more...

Phew, it has been a exhaustive few months for all of us and we are incredibly thankful for our users on how great Perkzilla is but we can truthfully say that most, if not all of these features were actually contributed by our own drum roll is the list of the December 2019 enhancements and updates >>

December Updates Include:

  • Update Includes:– Refer a Friend Widget Added
  • Drag and Drop to Reorder Actions
  • Added new screen for sharing directly after signup
  • Social sharing updated with OG codes
  • Added new heading to countdown timer
  • Added new heading to signup form
  • Action Builder dropdown interface improvements
  • Improvements to Automation Center tables and activity boxes.
  • Added Screen number below for switching screen in Live Editor.
  • Fixed CSS overrides with certain themes and builders
  • Improved reorder interface
  • Changed default referral link text
  • Get more entries issues fixed and updated on servers
  • Scrollbar interface fixed and improved
  • Previous campaigns are on new infrastructure upon save and update
  • A new short code called “required_referrals” is introduced for refer a friend program.
  • Improvement in edit options in Live Editor Banner
  • The welcome message in Live Editor is now directly editable (no longer messages area only)
  • Live Editor banner toggle improvements
  • Live Editor footer toggle improvements
  • Branding toggle added for unlimited users in Refer a Friend campaigns
  • Social network icon color updates in widget
    Breakpoints added for significantly improved interface
  • New campaigns take the breakpoint CSS.
  • Previous campaigns when saved and updated will take new CSS.
  • Previous campaigns work with old CSS when not updated.
  • You can now update triggers from Live Editor (saves in triggers and widget)
  • Live Editor perks and triggers added and updated
  • Refer a friend social share icons added to color picker
  • Shortcodes Added for Refer a Friend for both on screen and email messages
  • Default trigger messages and “How it Works” for Refer a Friend Added
  • Refer a Friend social share check mark and image issue fixed
    Improved text cutoff for Live Editor
  • Improved text cutoff for widgets
  • Open Graph image dimensions now picked from uploaded image
  • Image preview issue fixed. Default image is “PerkZilla Logo”
  • Action Builder Table Items drag and drop updated for smaller and larger screens
  • Action Builder dropdown arrow issues fixed
  • Refer A Friend Responsive CSS issues fixed
  • How it Works message fixed for Refer a Friend Widget
  • When entire paragraph or heading is deleted from “How it works” it shows three dots (…)
  • Fixed: Simply share your unique link and after [tier_1] others sign up, you’ll receive
  • Triggers are updating for all campaign type for Live Editor
  • Added a new share screen for Refer A Friend
  • Improved reorder in Action Builder
  • Scroll bar enhancements for all Widgets
  • Improved loading sequence – with colors picked from picker
  • Added checks for Refer A Friend Tiers and Triggers
  • Mobile widgets significantly improved
  • Sort triggers in ascending order for contest, giveaway and refer a friend
  • Improved reordering list UI and UX plus colors
  • Leaderboard shortened to top 10 users
  • Improved leaderboard styling and interface
  • Improved Refer a Friend milestones and progress bubble
  • Improved Refer a Friend interface and spacing
  • Fixed icon sizing issues in widget on some devices
  • Improved milestone spacing and padding
  • Improved widget spacing and padding
  • Improved live editor spacing and padding
  • Added new icon for Refer a Friend sharing
  • Improved Early Access spot in line and users ahead of you calculations
  • Prizes sorted in ascending order for Refer a Friend and Early Access
  • Prizes sorted as added for Contest and Giveaway
  • Improved interface for “Not You” logout
  • General Improvements and Tweaks
  • Performance enhancements

So with all this completed, we would also like to take this opportunity to Thank our founders and beta users who have been of a great help in guiding us to this great release!

If you have not left ideas and information to help us... There is still time, please feel free to add input on the feature request webpage at 

"Happy Holidays! We are so grateful you are part of the Perkzilla family"

 James Cantoni

So good luck when you use Perkzilla to...

Create social awareness with unlimited contests, refer-a-friends, early access and giveaways campaigns.

Boost sales by offering coupons, trials or other incentives to prospects who share or follow your website/business.

Get more traffic to landing pages or your blog by awarding 'points per action' that your audience takes to gain rewards.

We're also looking to showcase case studies on our blog, sales page etc to share with our audience of at PromoteLabs Inc. So if you've reduced your ad spend and/or grown your traffic and email list as a direct result of using PerkZilla let's talk

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