Announcing A Monster Update!

Our dedicated customer happiness team has been fielding a lot of questions for the new updates on PerkZilla V2 - Below is a video from James Cantoni - co-founder and monster genius behind PerkZilla to tell you all the exciting new features and additions that are now available!


Live Editor v2
- Added Screen Switching Ability
- Added Full Translation Ability
- Added Heading Font Styling/Editing
- Added Color Picking Ability
- Added Description Font Styling/Editing
- Added Menu/Toolbar to Live Editor for easy access
- Improved Campaign Setup Flow

Released Early Access Campaign Type
- Added fully customizable “how it works” boxes
- Added Leaderboard Algorithms for Waitlist
- Added Live Editor v2 Support

Many of you have been important contributors in our PKZV2 Beta tribe  –you're part of a VIP group that is helping to make this the #1 referral marketing platform online!

Because you left some great ideas and input on the feature request webpage at we have been able to catch and improve many of the little bugs we may have missed. So, thanks to our great team and our incredible tribe we have input these...

Updates & Improvements 

- Fixed SMTP Validation Issues
- Fixed Whitespace and Paragraph Widget Issues
- Added Widget Support for Non-English Characters and UTF-8
- Multiple Screens in Live Editor for Contest, Giveaway and Early Access
- Updated Referral Link Locations
- Increased Rewards Character Limits
- Landing Page URL Functionality
- Improved Walk-through for Contest & Giveaway
- Updated Prize Delivery Validation
- Added Live Preview for Rewards
- Added Core Actions to Action Builder (social share, on signup, per referral, per visit)
- Added Usage and Statistics Tracking to All Actions in Action Builder
- Added Custom Visit Action to Action Builder (multiple custom actions in progress)
- Improved Action Builder UX (icons, alignment, color, dropdowns and misc fixes)
- Improved Walkthrough UX (it’s beautiful, go see for yourself)
- Improved Winner Functionality and Algorithms
- Improved Campaign End Date Mapping (Maximum Reward)
- Improved Responsiveness of Automation Center
- Improved Responsiveness of Fraud Prevention & - Detection Center
- Improved Responsiveness of Integrations Area
- Improved Responsiveness of Analytics Dashboard
- Updated Support for Widgets in the Thrive Editor
- Updated Action Builder per Campaign Type
- Update for PerkZilla ‘X’ Functionality

We have some polishing and updating to do but we’ll be constantly improving and appreciate all of the support!

James Cantoni

As a team, we appreciate every feature request and question you send our way... that said, we also do not want your requests to get lost.

If you want a feature added or find a bug (gawd forbid) just pop over to and leave your suggestion there - the logins are the same as for your PerkZilla account and James keeps a close eye on it, and leaving your requests there will ensure he sees your idea, and can take action without it getting lost in the shuffle - whereas it might get lost in the Facebook Group or email.

And as always you can contact us through support here

The Next Steps:

- Social Share Titles, Text and Images
- Refer-A-Friend Campaign Types
- Social Buzz & Traffic Campaigns
- Fraud Center Updates
- Analytics Dashboard Updates
- General Cleanups & Polish

Expansion Phase for Action Builder 
Teammate & Sub-Account Access
API Updates & Improvements

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