NEW Major Updates Rolled Out! (PerkZilla V2 Beta)

Perkzilla Latest Update

We are pleased to update everyone on how incredible Perkzilla Version2 (PKZV2) is doing!

First off, we want to say that we really appreciate your patience and help in shaping this platform, and we look forward to growing together...

Many of you have been important contributors in our PKZV2 Beta tribe  –you're part of a VIP group that is helping to make this the #1 referral marketing platform online!

During this quarter we asked for your patience as we worked hard to get everything working perfectly for you. You really came through for us!

We've got lots more exciting things coming together for all PKZV2 users and we are excited to let you know where we are on the roadmap to success.

Our the Perkzilla team has been carefully implementing a fresh new crop of features to help you retain and engage visitors, easily reward them for sharing/promoting your brand within their networks... while you build an army of brand advocates and simultaneously attract new business.

Keep reading to find out what innovative functionality your new PKZV2 Referral Marketing Monster software has already implemented as part of our newest software release.

We’ve invested 12 months of development into v2 and have incredible updates to come with the public launch coming up next month with annual pricing.

We've been extremely hard at work with the intention of polishing the core offerings and building the platform for longevity and your future success!

In the latest update to PKZV2, we've added several new features that will give you more options for including complete widget responsiveness, improved social sharing, plus we've added many new integrations...

And that is not all! Watch the video to see exactly what's new.

(Oh! and something super cool going on right now in Boston see the 11:24 mark )

Perkzilla's co-creator James Cantoni (the guy in the video above) created an extensive PDF that explains and highlights all the major updates...

Major Updates in this release include

Complete Widget Responsiveness 
Fluid Sizing to Perfectly Fit Any Container 
Default Messages and Emails Updated 
Added Sendy, Platformly, Kyvio and Gist 
Updated API and Callback URLs for Advanced Use 
Improved Social Network FunctionalityAdditional Fixes & Updates Include:Fixed Form Width issues 
Fixed Confirmation Message Not Saving 
Fixed Shortcode Issues 
Added Winner Quantity to Triggers 
Updated CSS for 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and full width widgets 
Updated Social Share Networks in All Emails 
Fixed First Name Issues 
Fixed Recent Activity List Not Showing 
Fixed Sorting Issues in Recent Activity 
Added Search for Recent Activity 
Default Titles Updated for Widgets 
Default Descriptions Updated for Widgets 
Fixed Shortcodes in Widget 
Enhanced Widget Functionality 
Enhanced Live Editor 
Fixed Tracking Page URL 
Fixed Welcome Email Via API Sign Up 
Added AutoScroll Feature 
Updates to Main Campaign Screen 
Added Data Processing Agreement 
Added 20+ New Shortcodes 
Updated Editor Dropdowns for Shortcodes 
Updated Fraud Center Algorithms 
Live Editor Added to Walkthrough Flow 
Copy Code in Live Editor Updated 
Copy Code in Main Dashboard Fixed 
Updated Analytics Record Displays 
Fixed Copy Referral Link in Main Widget 
Fixed Social Share issues in Main Widget 
Improved Widget Load Times 
Improved Widget Adapting Times

If you want to learn more about each item listed above then check out this PDF Update Report.

We’re not kidding when we say you can be up and running with a live contest, giveaway or wait list in less than five minutes.

Simply add one line of code to your website and watch PerkZilla collect leads and virally grow your audience.

All campaign types & widgets will be rolled out for you during beta phase 2019.

Feel free to share these updates with your audience on social media, your blog etc

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Now we're rolling out new widgets, landing pages and loads of extra features with PerkZilla v2!

Perkzilla Widgets

With Better Automation Systems

Perkzilla gives you full control and customization over running your campaign as well as nudging users who are close to earning rewards.

Perkzilla automation center

Better Fraud Prevention Centers

Perkzilla is fully loaded with an advanced fraud detection and prevention dashboard that constantly monitors suspicious and fraudulent sign-ups and suggestive activities. As well as prevent spammers from ruining your campaigns by using the simple 'confirmation first' email setting and you can automatically only add confirmed subscribers to your autoresponders and email campaigns! Perkzilla detects and actively stops those who are trying to cheat the system for you!


We'll have more updates as we roll things out for you ...

Next Updates:

Notify Trigger Tweaks & Fixes 
Inactivity Trigger Tweaks & Fixes 
Winner Trigger Tweaks & Fixes 
Updated Walkthrough preparing for Action Builder 
Updated Social Share - pending their APIs 
Dashboard Responsiveness for 5K and 11in Screens 
Finalizing Coming Soon Widget Types 
Adding Infusionsoft 
Adding Klayvio 
Adding Customerly 
Adding MooSend 
Adding Drift

We're also looking to showcase case studies on here on our blog, sales page etc to share with our audience of hungry entrepreneurs. So if you've reduced your ad spend and/or grown your traffic and email list as a direct result of using PerkZilla let's talk! (this could mean a lot of extra exposure for you)

Perkzilla can generate more visitors to your offers, social media and websites while reducing your ad spend at the same time!

Like our friends over at WP Compress, who have used PerkZilla to grow their audience 5x during their launch without additional ad spends. It was all done via referral marketing.

And hey if YOU would like to make commissions by recommending PerkZilla V2 to your audience during the BETA phase and you can get at least 100 people to ATTEND a live private webinar get in touch with us here