Three Powerful Tips To Use Giveaways To Jumpstart Your List

Do you remember when you were a kid and the best thing in the world was getting a gift?

Most adults have a precious memory of getting that special something and still love the feeling of a getting something for free.

If you don’t believe me, just leave a buck on the sidewalk and watch the expression on the face of the person that gets to pick it up. And although it’s only a single dollar, people act like they won the lottery, and you can use that same emotional reaction to help grow your list.

A mailing list will always be one of your most valuable business assets. With it, you can connect with your target audience, build brand awareness, tap into hot niche markets, and maximize your income through affiliate marketing and product launches.

One of the easiest ways to jumpstart your list building is by setting up a giveaway that will attract your most ideal subscribers. Those are people who are interested in a specific niche market.

Giveaways are used by countless online businesses to generate fresh leads, connect with prospects and get people excited about offers.  You can use this same strategy to launch your list building campaign and fill your mailing list with fresh, targeted subscribers!

Setting up a giveaway, or reward-style campaign is easy.  All you need is:

  • A prize or incentive offer
  • A platform that manages the giveaway

So what kind of prize/ incentive offer will work and how will you make yours better than everyone else’s out there?

You’ll want to choose interesting prizes that will resonate with your market. Think, the better your offer, the more takers you’ll get. And well, any prize lacks impact if the competition and its values are not aligned with your niche. 

Here are a 3 impactful tips that will help you get out in front of the pack when using incentive offers.

Holiday Offers – not just the average everyday holiday, find a quirky and fun holiday to get out of the pack. Anyone can do a Christmas giveaway but if you have a National Tartan Day giveaway then you are already being more interesting and interesting is memorable. Check out for some fun and different holiday dates.

You Are Special And So Are Your Friends– What can make a person feel more special than a “privileged few” discount. Hey, sales can be incentives, too.

Now, what you want to do is build a mailing list that is organized and segmented so that you are able to communicate your message clearly and to the right audience. Every opt-in page should feature a different incentive offer that speaks directly to your audience and connects with what is most important to them… To help do that you can send out an incentive offer to your list and give a percentage off one of your best products and collect email addresses in exchange for that coupon.

Giveaways with discounts are powerful marketing tools and if you set up a giveaway on a reward-based platform where people are given extra tokens, credits or discounts whenever they share it with others, you have a strong chance of going viral.

And when that happens, you’ll not only be able to build insanely large lists of active subscribers, but you’ll position your brand in front of thousands of people quickly and easily!

Partner Up
– Do a joint venture with another business that compliments your niche. Partnerships help you do things you wouldn’t be able to do alone. The bigger the prize the more likely it will get more excitement built up for your products, features or services. JVs present a number of unique issues and challenges and we may write more about that in another post but if you are looking for a way to offer larger prizes then partnering up is a great way to do that. And another bonus for you is that you will be getting access to there list too.

Now what kind of a platform can manage giveaways like these?

Well, Perkilla of course.

PerkZilla, a powerful reward based platform, is one of a few programs that offer the ability to connect with some of the most popular mailing list service providers, including GetResponse, aWeber, and even MailChimp.

You can check it out at ​our main page

PerkZilla makes it exceptionally easy to build a mailing list because every person who is referred to your campaign is automatically added to the mailing list of your choosing!


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