Update February 2018

Update February 2018

We've been quietly but steadily working behind the scenes on continual tweaks, bug fixes and MANY
improvements during Q1 2018 for you 🙂

Here's a list of some cool things we've rolled out across all accounts recently:

Automation Center - now you can:

  •  Pick a random winner for your contests
  •  Set An End Time & Date For Campaigns
  • 1-Click optin for PerkZilla
  • Separate Fields for First Name & Last Name
  • Make The Form To Be Mobile Responsive
  • Let User Sets Timezone
  • Separate 'First Name', 'Last Name', 'Form Fields'
  • Option to direct into a -thankyou- page on signup

These options have all been completed based on the feature request portal:

  • The biggest being able to select a winner for a contest
     - random winner, hybrid winner or based on merit.

    You can suggest ideas to improve our services or vote on ideas from other people - Click Here for Feature Requests

Introducing Your PerkZilla Jump the Queue option which allows you to bypass the standard "1st come 1st served" entries based on sign-up time. This means you can excite even late starters into working harder to get referrals, racing to get a better place in line for the win. 

Just think of the possibilities!

You can now set how many points subscribers earn for referrals, shares, and views so the ranking within your contest is based on the number of referrals and when they got that referral… That means the earliest contestants to sign-up are at the top of the list but once your subscribers start referring others each referral has a chance to win regardless of when they entered the contest.

Here's how to use the Jump the Queue

Jump the Queue Campaign PerkZilla

Whew! That's a lot but that's not all we've been working on either...

We're also getting set to roll out the official Zapier App for PerkZilla soon as well as getting more Email Integrations added - view all our newest  Integrations here 

Click the image to go see more...

Check our pages for more cool stuff coming soon - that's all for now!

You can login with the link below to check out the new items...
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Here's to growing your lists and profits!

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