Update March 2018

Update March 2018

You can now promote our best selling viral rewards platform PerkZilla (for all you list builders loving this toolagain!

The affiliate program has been closed since the public launch last November so we could focus on improvements and taking care of our customers – YOU – first.

Good news is we’ve rolled out a ton of cool updates and improvements and have now reopened the affiliate program for you so you can make some easy recurring commissions on this. (We’ve also updated our official API as well – keep reading for details on that too)

We’re using the Paykickstart Platform to manage the affiliate program and you can Get Your Affiliate Link Here

The offer is currently a 30 day FREE trial that leads into annual recurring billing (across all plans) so you’ll earn 50% commissions on your first sale then 25% recurring commissions on all recurring billing sales from your referrals for the life of their account.

If you have a targeted audience who is into email marketing or list building and regularly buy Saas, apps and plugins then you should do very well with it and make some great recurring commissions.

Mention to your audience they can get started with no risk by taking the trial offer.  Most importantly, lead by example and show them how you’ve been using it to build your lists & profits too.

You can find your links and swipes on our PerkZilla Affiliate Page. You’ll also find some affiliate training and other resources you can use for bonuses on that page if you want.

BTW… as you should already know, we also now have an official open API if you are also into software development yourself for your own business. We’re updated it recently as well.

Just a heads ups for you – 

Our API was created so you can integrate your app directly with PerkZilla to help virally grow your userbase and save upwards of thousands of dollars in lead generation as well as costs of customer acquisition.

The API allows you to interconnect the signups from the PerkZilla signup widget to your application in a two directional form of communication, allowing for continuity in user management, and the ability to utilize PerkZilla’s viral sharing aspects anywhere within your app or website.

We have users that use the API to show the number of referrals directly in their app’s settings panel or admin dashboard and AUTOMATICALLY unlock rewards when they hit a referral tier.

Referral links can be placed anywhere across the site and quotas or limits can be removed just by referring friends.

Perkzilla helps you place your App’s marketing efforts on AUTOPILOT.

Click Here for PerkZilla Developer Details

If you have questions feel free to contact our friendly support team

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