Update April 2018

PerkZilla Update April 2018

We've been quietly but steadily working behind the scenes on continual tweaks, bug fixes and LOADS of improvements during Q4 of 2017.


Here's a list of 17 cool things we've pushed through on all accounts recently for YOU!

These are the 17 cool things we've pushed through on all accounts recently for YOU and keep a look out for many more throughout the year!

1. Design Overhaul – we've updated to a new clean modern look that improves the user experience of the entire platform.

Dashboard Campaigns PerkZilla

2. Automation Center – you can now send automated emails for anything from number of, referrals, inactivity, motivation, days since sign up and more – a complete engine upgrade that allows for viral ignition.

Campaign-Rewards PerkZilla

3. Notify and Broadcast emails to send updates to your users as well as contest closing details and more.

4. Added in new shortcodes for number of views, number of shares, number of points and more.

5. Fraud Center algorithms updated

Fraud Detection PerkZilla

6. Blacklist interface updated

7. New user dashboard with a cleaner interface

8. Ability to track unsubscribes and how the user signed up

9. PerkZilla API MAJOR Updates (v2.0) – can now get user information based on referrals, referred by id and use in any advanced application.

PerkZilla's Developer API

10. Callback URLs added – now when a user signs up via a normal PerkZilla form you can do a callback to ping login details to another app (Advanced)

11. Set specific times for sending Automation Center Emails (based on users time zone)

12. You can now view all recent activity (Example: user john@gmail.com got the reward email for 3 referrals etc)

13. Better trigger management, duplicate, delete, editing and more.

14. Fraud Center date system see when suspicious activity is happening

15. Sorting of user dashboard, fraud center and blacklist area

16. Update for the Walkthrough and Set up

17. In the midst of social media updates and First and Last name fields

Whew! That's a lot but that's not all we've been working on either...

We're also getting set to roll out the official Zapier App for PerkZilla in Q1 as well as reopening up the affiliate program soon so that you can start earning commissions when you refer your friends, associates and audience to PerkZilla!

More cool stuff coming soon - that's all for now!

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Here's to growing your profits in 2018!

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