Update PKZ 2019: A Year In The Making!

Update PerkZilla 2019

PerkZilla has leveled up in a big way! If you have been (or want in on) getting more free traffic, building bigger lists and leveraging micro influencers for monster growth, then we have some good news for you - It is now even easier with the new changes to PerkZilla... Get the scoop on the new features available to PerkZilla Users and a sneak peak at some new features yet to come!

Introducing a Simple, Easier and More Powerful New Version to Better Unleash The PerkZilla Viral Monster!

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Check Out All These Incredible Features!

These are a few of the great new features we have already added to PerkZilla plus a sneak peak at some of the  All New V2 Features Coming Spring/Summer 2019!

1. Easier to Use with a Fresh Design Overhaul! – After re-thinking the whole process we have re-designed PerkZilla so you can now set-up a contest or referal etc., in a few quick steps..so easy that ANYONE can do it! Nice colors, nice design, super simple - no more bland text and fields to laboriously fill out. We've streamlined the whole process to make it the most user friend app of its kind! 

PerkZilla New Look

2. Building Campaigns Is Easier than EVER – you can see all your campaign options on one page in a clean and accessible icon driven interface designed for fast implementation. Now you can effortlessly choose between 6 different campaigns.

Campaign Options

Just click on any option including , run a contest, run a giveaway, get users to refer a friend, create social buzz, drive more traffic and start a waitlist for early access... then let the wizard walk you through the rest of the process! Did I say wizard...?

3. Yes, you now have access to your own personal wizard!  Get your campaigns up an running in just minutes with the all new step-by-step walk through wizard. It's literally point, click and fill in a few fields simple. You can now use the PerkZilla wizard to leverage micro-influencers for monster growth! The new wizard will help you create goal-oriented campaigns that virally increase brand awareness and grow your audience in just a few minutes.

For example, you can use the wizard to run a contest where users can win a grand prize through earning “entries” by sharing and referring their friends.

You can view the full walkthrough of how to build a contest using the Perkzill'a new wizard on this page (check back in updates for more tutorial/walkthroughs - or sign up for email updates)

Automation Center has a new look, too! Perkzilla's automation center has plenty of new enhancements, you now have the ability to view your activity with the touch of a mouse. Rewards, Notify, Inactivity, Motive, and Winner variations are now at your fingertips for more ways to see your data in a dashboard.

Look for more information on all the new enhancements we have added to Perkzilla- More walkthroughs and information on how to best use Perkzilla to create MONSTER VIRAL CAMPAIGNS!

And the secrets we promised... Our next roll out will include all new V2 features coming Spring 2019!

All New Forms, Widgets and Landing Pages Coming Spring/Summer 2019  You'll really be able to ramp things up with the cool new widgets. Plus even let us host everything for you with the built in landing pages so you can get up and running in even less time than you can now!

We would love to hear your stories about how you are using PerkZilla v2.0 beta (we may even highlight your site on this blog!) - and remember Widgets & Hosted Landing Pages Coming Spring/Summer 2019 - Check Back Here for Updates!

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