Campaign Time!

Not the Political Ones We All Dread!

​​​​Hope you had a chance to familiarized yourself with the PerkZilla dashboard, and you got your autoresponder all set up. If not you can go over the set-up guide post here.

That means you’re now ready to rock and roll. You can set up your first campaign right now if you haven’t already done so!

Now, there are plenty of campaigns you can set up where you encourage people to share your content or web pages in exchange for an incentive.

So, let’s break this down…

First off, what do we mean by incentive?  Well, your goal is to get people to buzz about your content, products, web pages or business.

So, you need to dangle something really enticing, something your prospects really WANT. This should be something you can deliver via email, so that PerkZilla can handle delivery for you.

Check out these ideas for incentives

  • An in-demand free information product such as an ebook, video, audio or similar item.
  • Tools such as gear lists, templates, worksheets, checklists, planners, cheat sheets and similar items.
  • Software, apps or plugins (including SaaS applications).
  • Access to a membership site.
  • Access to a secret group or forum.
  • A seat in a live event, such as a webinar.
  • gift card to your store front.
  • discount coupon.
  • One or more extra entries into a contest.

These are the most common ideas that apply to all niches.

However, you may have other ideas depending on your niche. For example, if you cater to freelance writers, you might offer them something valuable such as a link in an upcoming services directory.

So, pick an incentive that your particular audience really wants.

Once you do, then the second part of this equation is to decide what, exactly, you want your visitors to do. That is, what sort of information do you want them to share with their friends?

Here are examples of what you might ask visitors to share:

  • Lead page
  • Contest-entry page
  • Sales page
  • Link to your product store front
  • Webinar registration page
  • Link to a blog post
  • Link to a video
  • Link to a page inviting people to join your social media groups or other networks
  • Link to a page touting a special offer, such as a discount coupon
  • An affiliate offer pre-sell page
  • Your joint venture partner’s content, products or pages

In short, you can send traffic to just about any page you please.

So, let's give you a few specific examples:

  • You give people a content upgrade (such as a downloadable .PDF) if they refer their friends to your blog post.

  • You offer people a free one-month membership if they refer three paying friends to your membership site.

  • You give people “Part 2” of an instructional video if they refer friends to “Part 1” of the video.

The possibilities are nearly endless!

Just brainstorm the types of content you want to share and the types of incentives you can offer, and in no time you’ll have dozens of possible combinations for setting up referral campaigns!

So that’s your task for today – brainstorm these combinations, and then start setting up one or more campaigns based on these combinations.

As always, it’s a good idea to get it up and running ASAP… it only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be amazed at the traffic that starts flowing into your site!

Now you are ready to start putting together your lead magnets for referral marketing growth! What kind of lead magnets should you offer?  Find out by  going to the "How to turn your lead magnet into a tidal wave of traffic with PerkZillasection.

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