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How to get a ton of product-launch traffic with PerkZilla

Looks like you are ready for an incredible product launch using PerkZilla... For this section you will need to understand how to set up a campaign,  If you haven't had a chance to do so then you may want to log in now  then click on My Campaigns” or you can visit the Campaigns post here.

Once you gotten that out of the way then start with this thought...

If you’re like a lot of marketers, then one of your goals is to get as much as traffic and buzz as possible whenever you do a product launch. But here’s the thing… During most product launches, the majority of the buzz comes from your affiliates.

And while the affiliate buzz DOES work to generate sales, just think about how much more powerful it would be if your prospects and customers were doing the buzzing. Pretty amazing, right?

Because the truth is, people tend to be a bit skeptical of marketers who are buzzing about something.

But when your best friend is buzzing about it… yeah, you’re going to listen. You’re going to click. You’re going to BUY.

And that’s what we’re going to put into play right now. How? By setting up a PerkZilla campaign where you offer your product-launch visitors a nice reward for sending referrals to your sales page.

Here are the two keys to this strategy

  • The reward must be related to the product you’re selling. That way, you know you’re offering rewards to qualified prospects, who in turn will refer their friends.
  • The reward must be something your visitors really WANT. That will increase the number of people who take you up on this exciting offer.

Let's give you an example…
Suppose you’re selling a course on launching a small business. You can offer an excerpt from this course to everyone who refers at least three friends to your sales page.

This is a great way to build your list and get a whole lot
more traffic at the same time!

As always, you get to decide all the details to make your campaign a success, including...

  • What sort of reward to offer.
  • How many referrals people must send before you unlock the reward.
  • How many reward “levels” to offer.(Meaning the more referrals someone sends, the more rewards they unlock.)

Once you’ve decided on these details, then you can set it up in PerkZilla.  Just log in now
And then click on My Campaigns to start up a new campaign.

Create New Campaign with PerkZilla

As always, step-by-step instructions and videos are just a click away if you need them.

Now let us point out one other really cool feature that will save you a lot of time…

When you click on “My Campaigns,” you’ll get a list of your current campaigns. On the far-right side of your screen next to each campaign you’ll see three dots that when you click will have a button labeled “Duplicate.” Click that, and it will duplicate your existing campaign!

Duplicate Campaign PerkZilla

That means you don’t need to start from scratch every time you’re setting up a referral campaign. Just duplicate a campaign that’s similar, make a few tweaks, and you’ll be up and running with just a few clicks of your mouse!

Pretty cool, right?
So, go ahead and get to work planning your next product-launch campaign with PerkZilla, this could be your best product launch EVER!

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To Transform  Web Forms Into Monster Lead Generators...

Using PerkZilla

To Transform  Web Forms Into Monster Lead Generators...