We’re here to help you grow!

PerkZilla provides the tools, tips, tricks and growth expertise to give your brand the upper hand in an ultra-competitive marketplace.

You currently have a massive leak in the bucket.

Traffic should never come to a stop…

PerkZilla gives you the tools to help continuously grow your brand without spending a dime on advertising.


Spend $50 on ads at the industry average of $33.40 per lead, you would receive

Using PerkZilla

When you invest $49 in PerkZilla, you get the tools, tips, and growth expertise for

No matter where your business is in the growth cycle, we’re here to help!

You can even mix and match campaign types as needed to fit your growth strategy.

Launching Something New?

Early Access

Looking to Scale?


Want More Engagement?

Contests / Giveaways / Unlocks

Run Innovative, Goal-Oriented Campaigns


Get users to compete against each other to see who can grow your business the fastest!


Have users complete valuable actions for your brand to earn entries in the giveaway.

Early Access

Create hype for a release in which users can take action to be the first that gain access.

Drive Traffic

Get more traffic to a landing page or post by awarding points per action your visitors take.

Rewards & Unlocks

Grow your social presence with incentives for actively sharing and getting more followers.

Referral Programs

Set up a refer-a-friend program where users unlock rewards for getting you new leads.

Increase Engagement

With Targeted Actions

Users earn entries and rewards by completing actions that help grow your followers, get you more testimonials and send more traffic to your website.

Watch Users Compete

Up the Leaderboard

Watch as your users actively compete against each other to see who can earn rewards and grow your business the fastest!

Reward Users for

Growing Your Brand

Incentivize your existing visitors to refer friends and send you even more traffic, helping you rapidly scale your brand.

Dance Studio Case Study

The most powerful results come when you get creative with rewards. Giving away a free 60 minute lesson didn’t cost the studio a dime; they were already running the classes, paying the instructors and simply having trouble filling the room.

Convert Ordinary Website Traffic
Into Top Brand Advocates

Built to fit in your existing setup

Auto-export new leads to your email providers.

Track Insights & Performance

Track Viral Impact

See who's referring others for massive growth

Discover Your Top Promoters

Sort by total entries, referrals, and even traffic sent

See What Drives Growth

Performance by channel, action and social network

Let’s All Grow Together!

PerkZilla is spreading fast with over 2,000+ users and an active online community – join in on the viral growth!

Let’s all Grow together!

It’s getting social and PerkZilla is spreading fast with over 2,000+ users and an active online community – join in the viral growth!


Leo Braganza

Looking forward to this 😍

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Jacky Chan

Just bought the infinity plan! yeah!

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Rob Carter

The templates look awesome as well. If this is anywhere near as good as Vyper, it would be an absolute steal even $500+.

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Kendrick Ken

Just bought infinity plan! Yeah!

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Drew Harrison

BLooking forward to this! 😍

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PerkZilla Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! With our monthly memberships you get 14 days to try out the platform.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let us know and we’ll send you a refund. You can even export all the new leads you’ve generated in that time.

Yes! You can export any leads you generate via CSV and even directly link your autoresponder or email platform!

That depends on the plan you choose; however, we recommend the unlimited plan for unlimited growth potential! 😀

We have you covered!

You can send a confirmation email as well as set various levels of fraud detection and active cheat prevention for your campaign and each campaign has an overall risk score assigned to it. 

They can revisit the widget and stay logged in to further share and complete actions, or they can simply re-enter their email and have the same access!

You can easily set up advanced funnels that include a tracking page! For example, a signup form can be on Page A and a widget on Page B along with your tracking codes!

With removed branding addon, you can toggle on/off the Powered By text as well as use your own SMTP and branding for emails!

It’s included in all Growth and Unlimited plans.

Yes! You can select any domain as your referral link and even funnel all links to a specific landing page no matter where you place the widget!

Yes! We have a full API as well as the ability to set a callback URL for advanced use cases and full subscriber syncronization. 

Yes, if your plan comes with teammate accounts you may share campaigns with other users and assign campaign by campaign privileges! 

You can purchase additional teammate accounts or sub accounts by contacting us.


We take feedback very seriously and want to make the platform as powerful as we can. Simply reach out with your suggestions or feel free to post it on our feedback board at feedback.perkzilla.com 

We offer live chat support for any questions and a ticketing system for advanced inquires. 

We do offer additional 1:1 coaching sessions as well as managed campaigns – reach out via chat to learn more.

We’re always happy to help and all plans include updates for the life of your membership!

Convert Ordinary Website Visitors
Into Your Top Brand Advocates

It only takes 5 new signups for a 5x ROI 🚀