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Using PerkZilla to

Get More Eyes on a New Launch

It’s no secret that launching a new product or service can be tough.

Even the biggest firms in the world require media coverage, affiliate promotions and million dollar advertising budgets to have a successful launch.

While your idea may be great, it’s not worth anything at all if nobody sees it.

Apart from having a great idea, the other half of the battle is creating anticipation for the release and getting enough eyes on it to be successful.

There are certain people that will go to great lengths to seek out new ideas and be the first to try something new. 

The real magic happens when you leverage these innovators to share and refer others, in turn for offering early access to your product or service.

Early Access Waitlist

PerkZilla allows you to create scarcity and anticipation through an early access waitlist where users share your launch, refer others to join in the mission and complete relevant actions to move up on the waitlist.

This can cause extreme hype and anticipation for your new offering where people are metaphorically knocking on the door to be let in.

You can then offer access in batches, for example letting in 50 people a week before the big release, or even letting the top 100 participants who’ve actively grown your launch the most get a special “founders edition” of the offering.

The key is to genuinely reward people who have helped make you successful.

The early access campaign is fully customizable so that any action can boost their spot in line or you can be fully focused on referrals.

Using PerkZilla You Can

So what are you waiting for, start creating anticipation for your new launch today today!

It only takes 5 new signups for a 5x ROI 🚀