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Using PerkZilla to

Get More Social Awareness

Social media marketing and social influence is at an all time high, with social networks offering a promising pool of prospects for nearly any business.

However long gone are the days where you can simply cast a net, it’s getting more and more difficult to capture attention and can take an entire creative team to get new prospects to click through to your brand.

With the uptick in popularity, social media ads have become drastically more competitive and therefore expensive.

The average return has dwindled and large brands have been scaling back and re-allocating million dollar budgets.

Fortunately, PerkZilla bypasses the traditional advertising route and leverages the “network effect” to assure that your brand is seen and ingrained in the minds of new users.

Get More Social Awareness

PerkZilla allows you to cut through the competitive noise as your brand is being shared by real users who are advocating and stamping their seal of approval alongside the recommendation. 

Think about it… the average person has a social circle that reaches hundreds if not thousands of people even if they’re not a “true influencer” and they’ll happily share your brand if they believe in it and the incentive is right.

That’s where the magic happens as when a friend tells a friend about your brand, it becomes a true recommendation and no longer an advertisement.

The action possibilities are endless, and you can mix and match whatever best suits your brand’s goals and mission.

It’s truly a gamechanger to the way you adapt and grow your business and PerkZilla makes it fun & competitive for users to win cool prizes all while helping your brand come out on top.

PerkZilla Helps You

So what are you waiting for, start fostering more social awareness today!

It only takes 5 new signups for a 5x ROI 🚀