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Using PerkZilla to

Get More Users

Getting new users can be a hefty challenge no matter the size of your business.

Using traditional advertising to acquire more users can require a massive budget, months of content optimization and even then it’s still not always sustainable.

Once you spend the time, money and hard work to actually get a visitor to sign up, it typically stops there and you still need to spend more to get the next user.

Getting New Users With Traditional Methods

That’s why we use an innovative approach to help cut through the noise in a competitive marketplace, without bombarding users with digital advertisements.

PerkZilla helps you leverage your existing audience to generate new and relevant leads and grow your business without spending a dime on advertising.

This, in turn, allows you to keep more money in your pocket, to invest in products, grow your team and actually sustain the business.

It’s all based on the concept that when a friend tells a friend about your brand, it becomes a recommendation and no longer an advertisement.

When a friend recommends something, you’re sure to check it out as it carries an added seal of approval, bypassing the natural scepticism towards ads.

That’s why using PerkZilla to grow your user base won’t require an advertising budget. It bypasses users’ resistance towards ads and creates cyclical, sustainable growth.

Think about it… the average person has a social circle that reaches hundreds if not thousands of people even if they’re not an “influencer” and they’ll happily share your brand if they believe in it and the incentive is right.

PerkZilla helps you incentivize your regular visitors to go out and become your biggest brand advocates, growing your business without spending a dime on advertising.

The most direct way to get more users, grow your list and sustainably scale is through a Refer a Friend campaign.

It offers 1:1 direct growth as the incentive is directly related to how many new users someone can bring to your brand.

This allows you to leverage the power of “micro-influencers” or everyday people to create an army of advocates driving traffic and new users to your brand.

Refer a Friend Program

Rapidly spread the word about your brand by offering a ‘Perk’ to visitors who actively share and refer others. It’s one of the most versatile campaign types and can be used to directly grow any business!

So what are you waiting for, start growing your list and user base today!

It only takes 5 new signups for a 5x ROI 🚀