PerkZilla Growth Update

Next stop the Expansion Phase... 

This update includes lot of fixes, improvements and clean-ups that are mainly focused around Live Editor 2.0. All allowing you more control and flexibility for the customization of your campaigns.

We have completed some general improvements to the walk-through, prize delivery, recent activity in the automation center, and the winners are showing up now, as well as some general things for translating in the Live Editor. 

Plus awesome things are going ahead with our refer-a-friend campaign which you can use already in the automation center.

Here's a video from James Cantoni - co-founder and monster genius behind PerkZilla to tell you more...

And hey, we really do appreciate your patience and all the help you have given in shaping this platform. To you beta testers, founding members, and smart entrepreneurs that have grabbed this software before it was all polished and got a huge discount... cheers and thank you!

Growth Phase Updates Include:

  • Fixed Colors resetting in Live Editor
  • Added Icon Color Options to Live Widget
  • Improved Widget Live Design
  • Improved Widget Responsiveness
  • Added Hex Color Option to Color Pickers
  • Added Timer Text Color Changes
  • Improved Action Builder Interface & Responsiveness
  • Improved Rewards and Winner Trigger Sorting in Automation Center
  • Improved Messaging in Live Editor
  • Fixed Minor Issue in Opt-in Link
  • Removed Point System for Widget Campaigns
  • Improved Prize Delivery Walkthrough
  • Improved Walkthrough to Live Editor Flow
  • Fixed Issues in Prize Delivery Settings
  • Fixed Recent Activity Not Showing for Winners
  • Updated Live Editor Banner Options and Saving
  • Updated and Improved Form Campaign Types
  • Added compatibility for multiple custom URLS
  • Fixed Custom URL issue in Emails
  • Fixed Getting Started (second screen) not being editable
  • Improved Autoscroll for Widgets
  • Fixed Feature Request Portal

So with items on this list completed, great news... We have made it to the expansion phase, this has been a long journey but we can see the finish line and we are incredibly excited to be here.

Next Updates Include:

  • Refer A Friend Dedicated Campaign Type
  • Social Sharing Additional Settings
  • Additional Actions for Action Builder - will be having a poll
  • Verified Sharing

"I REALLY appreciate your support and patience, and my team is really stepping up and are working hard day in and day out to finalize many projects in the Expansion Phase. We appreciate every feature request and question you have sent our way!"

 James Cantoni

There's a lot that is very close to being finalized and we're working on polishing it all up to get out to you. We've got lots more exciting things coming together for all PerkZilla users!

We'll have more updates as we roll things out for you ...

See What's Coming Soon:

Here is a sneak peak at some of the additions coming in the expansion phase...

The refer-a-friend campaign is currently in the automation center and we are on track with a dedicated widget for it!


Feel free to share these updates with your audience on social media, your blog. etc.

As part of our PKZ Beta tribe you're part of a VIP group that is helping to make this the #1 referral marketing platform online.

During this period we're asking for your patience and input as we work hard to get everything working perfectly for you.

So we can prioritize fixes and actions based on your preferences,
please use the feature request area at and leave your suggestions - the logins are the same as for your PerkZilla account and James keeps a close eye on it, and leaving your requests there will ensure he sees your idea, and can take action without it getting lost in the shuffle - whereas it might get lost in the Facebook Group or email.

And as always you can contact us through support here

Here's to growing your lists and profits into the future!

We're also looking to showcase case studies on our blog, sales page etc to share with our audience of at PromoteLabs Inc. So if you've reduced your ad spend and/or grown your traffic and email list as a direct result of using PerkZilla let's talk

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