Get A Lead Magnet Traffic Tidal Wave

How to turn your lead magnet into a tidal wave of traffic with PerkZilla

Get ready for your  crash course in making the most of your PerkZilla account...This section covers how to turn your lead magnet into a referral magnet too!

In the last section "Campaigns"  you learned all the different incentives you can use to create viral traffic, along with the different types of content you can encourage your visitors to share.

If you mix and match those combinations – plus come up with some of your own... you’ll have dozens of campaign ideas for getting a ton of new traffic!

Now today we’re going to start looking at some of the most common types of campaigns, and how you can set ‘em up in your PerkZilla account.

And we’ll start with how you can turn your lead magnet into a flood of referral traffic!

So, think about it…

Typically, you create a lead magnet, set up a lead page, and then you send as much traffic as you can to that lead page… right?

That’s a solid strategy.


But what we’re going to do is set up a campaign so that every visitor to your lead page gets an opportunity to tell their friends about your lead page.


And that means you need to come up with a suitable incentive.

Here Are A Few Good ideas for incentives

  • Offer an upgrade to the lead magnet. For example, if the lead magnet is a report about bodybuilding exercises, then offer a video on the same topic to anyone who refers their friends to your lead page.
  • Offer “Part 2” of the lead magnet. For example, if the lead magnet is a bodybuilding report, then the incentive would be “Part 2” where you share a set of advanced bodybuilding lifts.
  • Offer tools to enhance the lead magnet. For example, if the lead magnet is a report about how to write better sales copy, then the incentive for referring traffic might be a set of copywriting templates.

​​​​You get the idea.

So, go ahead and decide what you’re going to offer to your visitors.

Lead Magnet Traffic

Your first step is to log into your PerkZilla account and get a campaign set up. 

At this point, you should have already connected your autoresponder to your PerkZilla account. If you haven’t yet done that, then go ahead and do that now.

​​​​Next step, click on “My Campaigns” and then click on “+Create Campaign.”

Create New Campaign with PerkZilla

Now you’re going to go step by step through the fields and tabs to set up this campaign.

Type in a campaign name (such as “Lead Magnet Giveaway”).

Then move to the dropdown box that’s labeled “Preloaded Messages.” For this campaign, select the option “Building a List (Giveaway for X Referrals).”

Next, type in your site title and root domain.

It will look something like this:

Lead-Magnet Giveaway Campaign

Once you hit enter on that last field, you’ll automatically get taken to the next screen, which is “Form Settings.” Likewise, as you complete that screen, you’ll be taken to “Onscreen Messages” settings, and finally the “Emails” setting.

If you have any questions about how to fill in the required information, just check out the step-by-step help document and videos here

Please note that when it comes to your onscreen messages and email messages, we’ve already filled them in for you to save time. Of course they are 100% editable, so you can change them to whatever you like.

Be SURE to click save and updatein this section. Once you do, you’ll get a little piece of code to paste into your web page. This is how you make the entire campaign work!

After you’ve set up the basics of your campaign, then your next step is to set up trigger reward email notifications. You do this by clicking on the My Campaigns link then hitting the Triggered Emails link under Campaign Management.

PerkZilla's Reward Delivery System

This is where you get to decide how many referrals a visitor must send in order to get a reward. The cool part is that you can set up multiple levels!

For example, maybe they need just one referral to get a content upgrade, but they need five referrals to get a related app.

It’s your choice as to how many levels to install, and how many referrals people must get in order to unlock their rewards!

Next, click on Additional Settings to decide which social media platforms to turn on. This is where you create or edit the social sharing messages, and you decide on which platforms you want your users to share your content.

PerkZilla Social Share

And that’s it... You  can now get promoting your lead page… and watch as your lead page turn into a flood of referral traffic!  

Next up ...  you are ready to get a ton of product-launch traffic with PerkZilla! Just visit "Product Launch Traffic Hacks" to get started today!

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