Refer A Friend Program

Easily set up a tiered referral program where users instantly unlock rewards for actively referring friends – getting you loads of new leads!

Tell a Friend and Boost Your Limits!

Refer 1 Friend

Get double campaign + subscriber limits!

Refer 3 Friends

Get another bump up to 250 Subscribers

Refer 5 Friends

Get a major boost to 1,000 Subscribers

Experience it live with the campaign to the left or click here to see that exact campaign be built in just a few minutes!

Refer a Friend Program

Rapidly spread the word about your brand by offering a ‘Perk’ to visitors who actively share and refer others. It’s one of the most versatile campaign types and can be used to directly grow any business!

A little creativity goes a long way!

Get creative, pick something you can easily give away that has real world value to your users!

Example Rewards

It only takes 10 new sign ups to get a

Nearly 7x Return on Investment

While our goal is to help you get 1,000s of new signups, PerkZilla pays for itself much quicker than you’d imagine.

Based on an average PPC cost per lead of $33.40 using data from Hubspot,, Matchcraft, Prospect Marketing, Pulse Local Marketing and Survey America.

It only takes 5 new signups for a 5x ROI 🚀