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Using PerkZilla to

Gain Insights & Intelligence

Growing a business is not simply about gaining more users, but continually adapting and improving to keep up with market trends and stay ahead of the field.

It really comes down to, if you’re not moving forward… you’re getting left behind.

To improve and grow, you need to assess and address your brand sentiment (i.e., how customers feel towards your brand).

No matter the outcome, it’s imperative to know what you’re doing well and what actual users want you to improve upon.

PerkZilla allows you to gather key business intelligence insights from your users by incentivizing them to answer a few questions, complete a quick poll, submit their feature requests and let you know their candid opinion on what they think you can do better.

Great brands know that they don’t have all the answers. Often a company goes to market with one product and vision, just to find out their customers use it completely differently. In this way, customers can point companies towards intelligent pivots that can end up being more lucrative in a less crowded marketplace.

Putting it into Action

Gathering insight can be incorporated into PerkZilla contests, giveaways, early access programs as well as traffic & unlocks campaigns.

It’s as simple as selecting your desired action from the action builder and assigning a points/entries value to users who complete the task.

PerkZilla then automatically assigns those points which can go towards entries towards winning a grand prize, unlocking the next rewards tier or gaining access to a new product before the general public.

Using PerkZilla, You Can...

So what are you waiting for, start start capturing valuable insights you didn’t know existed today!

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