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Using PerkZilla to

Gather Reviews & Testimonials

User feedback is critical to the success of any growing business… most people are hesitant to be the first to try something new.

It’s no secret that solid reviews and testimonials are a key ingredient in having a successful brand… people want to know that others, just like them, have had great success with whatever your offering.

That’s why PerkZilla not only allows you to capture reviews, testimonials and honest feedback from your users, but can even incentivize your audience so reviews come in faster than ever.

We’ve made it next to effortless to run a contest where anyone who leaves a review, rating or testimonial instantly gets entered to win prizes of your choosing.

For example, if your most loyal users leave you a review, they’re instantly entered to win a free upgrade to the next tier of your service, a free dance lesson or course of their choosing, or even a MacBook Pro.

It’s completely up to you in terms of what you’d like to give away; however, with a strong enough incentive, the testimonials and reviews will come pouring in!

Putting it into Action

You can include the review and testimonial actions into contests, giveaways, early access programs as well as traffic & unlocks campaigns.

It’s fully customizable so that leaving a review can be the main focus of the campaign, or simply one of the various steps users can complete in a more generalized growth campaign.

Leave a Review & Testimonial

Using PerkZilla You Can

So what are you waiting for, start capturing valuable reviews and testimonials today!

It only takes 5 new signups for a 5x ROI 🚀